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Minecraft: How to make a working Death Star

I’m taking a look at how to build a death star that can fire a laser to destroy planets! There are no mods used- only command block magic and a lot of free time!

Download the map for Minecraft version 1.14.4:

My very first YouTube video was a timelapse, but I haven’t done anything similar for the next 7 years. So I thought, why not go back to the roots, and make another timelapse- this time to create a Death Star! A simple Death Star might be a bit boring though, so I decided to not only make the thing massive but also give it an actual laser cannon that works using command blocks!

I googled and found some useful reference material for how the internals of a Death Star might look like, and then I started my journey of putting together the huge planet-destroying space station!

I started with the core of the planet and continued with the main infrastructure, including the main power generator, pumps, central computing unit, and power cells. After that, I used command blocks to generate the shell of the Death Star. I added the laser disk and other internal structures, before actually implementing the laser beam itself. I then looked at the original Star Wars films to recreate the laser firing animation. And let me tell you, it turned out a lot better looking than I anticipated at first!

Here’s the Death Star plan I used, and the book where it’s from:
» Book:
» Plan:

I used my Planet Generator data pack to generate a planet for the Death Star to destroy!
» Planet Generator:

I used Replay Mod by CrushedPixel and johni0702 to record a lot of the footage in this video.
» Replay Mod:

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